Play the Knave is a highly engaging and flexible tool to supplement classroom instruction in Shakespeare and to teach any literary text through dramatic performance.

With hundreds of scenes from nineteen of the most commonly taught Shakespeare plays, as well as an online system that allows teachers and students to edit or write their own scripts, Play the Knave is an ideal way to engage students at all levels. Our team and the teachers who work with us have integrated Play the Knave into the study of Shakespeare at elementary, middle, and high schools; colleges; and after-school programs. Whether used as a novel reading tool, an unintimidating introduction to the plays, a scaffold for full-scale performances of scenes, or a capstone performance experience, the game gets students excited about reading Shakespeare’s language.

For an overview of the game as a teaching tool, download Prof. Gina Bloom’s article in Learning, Education, and Games, volume 3: 100 Games to Use in the Classroom & Beyond.

Interested in Play the Knave for your classroom?

Read our team’s pedagogy report and an assessment of a sample lesson plan implemented to fit California Common Core standards.

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