Meet Our Team

Development Team

Gina Bloom

Project Director

Bloom is a professor of English at UC Davis whose research and teaching focus on Shakespeare, early modern drama, theater history, and performance studies. She is a trustee for the Shakespeare Association of America and serves on the executive committee for both the Performance Studies Program at UC Davis and the Shakespeare Forum of the Modern Language Association. Her published works include two monographs and many articles on early modern drama, performance, and games. She is also leading several writing projects that theorize the impact of Play the Knave and its significance for scholarship and teaching in the humanities.


Colin Milburn

Project Manager

At UC Davis, Milburn is a professor of Cinema and Digital Media, English, and Science and Technology Studies, and holds the Gary Snyder Chair in Science and the Humanities. He is the director of a digital humanities collaboratory called ModLab and is the co-director of the Mellon Research Initiative in Digital Cultures. His research focuses on the relations between literature, science, and technology while his teaching and writing address computational media and games. His most recent book, Mondo Nano, studies the impact of video games on the molecular sciences. Milburn is currently working on a new book called Respawn: Video Games and the Practice of Technogenic Life, which explores how video games relate to hacktivism and future politics.

Evan Buswell

Lead Architect

Buswell has worked in the software industry as a software engineer and architect for seven years. Throughout this time, he has gained experience in protocol design, NoSQL databases, server programming, and security architectures. He has led many startup industry projects in which he carried each project from the design phase to the initial release as well as technically managed the other programmers. He is currently working on his PhD in cultural studies at UC Davis, investigating how finance relates to the genesis and history of programming languages.

Nicholas Toothman

Lead Architect

Toothman has broad training in computer graphics and animation. He has conducted research on how to automatically generate character animation for a desired personality type, assisted with motion capture and post-processing, created digital life-size marionettes controlled by Wii-motes, and wrote natural user interfaces for the Kinect. He also has experience in industry and developing software after having led a development project for Amazon MP3 and tested software for Microsoft. He is currently pursuing a PhD in computer science at UC Davis with a focus on character animation.

Michael Neff

Animation Research and Development

At UC Davis, Neff is a professor of Computer Science and Cinema and Technocultural Studies. He also directs the campus’s Motion Lab, the product of interdisciplinary research effort in character animation and embodied input. He is interested in character animation tools that model expressive movement, physics-based animation, and gesture, and how the performing arts can apply to such animation. Neff is working to bridge the technology and art communities at UC Davis by collaborating with computer scientists and geologists, choreographers, and dancers.

Development Divisions


Nick Toothman (lead)
Evanay McNeal
Michael Neff
Dylan Woods

Original Music

Ziad Asadi
Evan Buswell
Kam Meredith

Avatar Design

Gina Bloom
Yasmine Hachimi
Byron Jennings (3D Modeling)
Sawyer Kemp
Alison Tam
Nicholas Toothman
Emily West


Daniel Schooling (lead)
Dylan Woods


Evan Buswell
Flagg Miller (voiceover)
Linda Li
Mira Pranav
Allie Sousa

UX/UI Design

Gina Bloom
Evan Buswell
Colin Milburn
Yunhan Zhong


Evan Buswell (lead)
Nicholas Toothman (lead)
Carl Glahn
Alexander Jungroth
Alexander “Jet” Lewis

Theater Modeling

Shawn DeSouza-Coelho (Queens’ College Cambridge Temporary Stage)
Lazaros Kastanis, Ortelia (Rose Theater)
Angus Vail (The Container Globe)
The Stratford Festival and (The Stratford Festival Stage)

Karaoke Scripts

Gienel Agcaoili
Caitlin Anderson
Alida Aracai (head intern)
Michael Arias
Raeanne Baird
Alison Blecman
Gina Bloom
Ofir Cahalan (head intern)
Cheryl Choo
Leah Daugherty
Tobi Foley
Rebecca Fong
Robert Fox
Michaela Frydman
Bradley Geiser
Yasmine Hachimi
Erin Hamilton
Sawyer Kemp
Michelle Lang
Linda Li
Holley Maassen
Nicole Mackes
Elisabeth Mcgowan
Gabriel Mulcaire
Prakruti Nadendla
Alicia Nguyen
Amanda Ong
Matthew Oshimo
Mira Pranav
Karla Quezada
Anneliese Sanders
Rosa Lee Schwarz
Amanda Shores
Holly Simpson
Christopher Summers
Wesley Sweger (head intern)
Alison Tam
Danielle Taylor
Alexis Pena Tomasetti
Nicholas Toothman
Marissa Trujillo (head intern)
Melissa Valk
Drew Watson
Isabelle Williams
Karen Xu (head intern)
Gregory Yerumyan
Rebekah Zachariou

Research and Teaching Outreach

Yoon Ah Ko
Gina Bloom (lead)
Sarah Asnaashari
Jordan Azevedo
Claire Burke
Kirsten Burrell
Ofir Cahalan
Hannah Cadigan-Carranza
Raul Castellanos
Cheryl Choo
Rachel Cowen (head intern)
Jessica Egizii
Kristen Hartley
Natalie Hill
Mona Karimi
Sawyer Kemp
Jared Kohn
Abigail McCormick
Fernando Monjaraz
Mackenzie Nordahl
Meghan Palu
Mary Qin
Isabel Realvasquez
Daisy Robles
Samantha Ruffin
Mariela Sanchez
Amanda Shores (head intern)
Stephanie Siegle
Emily Stack
Kelin Tham-Graul


Alida Araica
Gina Bloom
Allison Blecman
Cheryl Choo
Tobi Foley
Yasmine Hachimi
Sawyer Kemp
Amanda Ong
David Nessl (storyboards)
Daniel Schrimshire (graphic design)
Allie Sousa
Elle Luo
Holly Simpson
Marissa Trujillo
Gienel Agcaoili
Sarah Asnaashari
Alison Tam


Gina Bloom
Samantha Moody
Colin Milburn
Marissa Trujillo
Jennifer Tononga-Valle
Sungmin Yi
Corina Zimmerman


Games Institute, University of Waterloo, Canada
Interdisciplinary Frontiers in the Humanities and Arts, University of California, Davis
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
University of California Humanities Research Institute
Margaret Bowles

Special Thanks To

Jordan Carroll
Jason Clarke
Joseph Dumit
Folger Digital Texts
Anita Gaffney
Oliver Kreylos
Evan Lauteria
Katie Leveling

Josef Nguyen
Amanda Phillips
Neil Randall
Christine Samson
Jennifer Roberts-Smith
Emma Waldron
Calvin Wood
John Zibell